After traveling the whole world we learned a very important lesson that changed completely the way we travel. Always seek for advice from the locals. Trust me, they know better and you will have a greater time. It’s a completely different experience hanging out with somebody that lives in the city you are visiting. Also allowing yourself to dive deeper into the culture and go beyond the tourist attractions will optimize your time. With this in mind, we interviewed  Roman to give us smart travel advice and share the essentials gay travelers need to know before go to Vienna. He is very passionate about traveling and exploring new cultures and shared with us his favorite spots in Vienna.

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The ideal places for gay guys to stay in Vienna are the districts from 1st to 9th. In all of these areas you have many nice bars, restaurants and nice places to spend your time. In the 6th and 7th district (separated through the most popular Viennese open air market), “the Naschmarkt”, you have the highest number of gay bars. The main shopping streets such as Mariahilfer Straße  and Kärtner Straße are also located in these areas.


Spring and fall are for sure the best seasons if you are planning a classic sightseeing trip.
Winter in Vienna it’s own seasonal atmosphere. Everywhere in the city you can have mulled wine, there are Christmas markets on every corner and in front of the town hall there is a huge ice rink. But my favorite time of the year is summer. During the day you spend your time near one of the many open air  swimming pools called lidos, rivers and lakes in Vienna.

Gay vienna, Gay travel vienna, Vienna gay guide
The Lidos by the Danube river are one of the attractions f Vienna during Summer time.

As soon as the sun goes down, Vienna becomes a huge living-room. People meet everywhere outside. There are many parks and places in the city, where you can bring your own drinks and food. Or visit one of the countless open-air bars and restaurants to turn night into day.

Gay vienna, Gay travel vienna, Vienna gay guide
There are also many options of bars by the Danube River at night.


In Austria we love to eat, and we eat a lot! If you like meat the classic Austrian main dish Wiener Schnitzel is a must try at the Amerlingbeisl restaurant. If you like it sweet you have to visit the Vollpension Cafe.  It’s a very cute place where you can find delicious and fresh cakes, sweets and pies. If you are into authentic culinary experiences Vienna is the place to be. You can find places for all different tastes. If you like it oriental, you find a lot of nice restaurants at the Naschmarkt.  You can get a legendary pizza at the Disco Volante and if you are looking for vegan food try the Veggiezz restraurant. It’s delicious!

Gay vienna, Gay travel vienna, Vienna gay guide
You can find a large variety of restaurants at the Naschmarkt.


There are a lot of different gay bars nearby the Naschmarkt. My favorite ones are the traditional Savoy and the crowded Village Bar. 

From all the gay parties and clubs in Vienna, my favorite is the Malefiz. It’s a great Pop-Party with a mixed, lively, dance-mad crowd. And the every-weekend-parties in clubs like the Why Not.

There are the small, fancy parties in extraordinary locations with guys wearing costumes. The huge parties in former factory areas with different dance floors and different kinds of music.

Vienna is a very gay-friendly city. Especially the districts I already mentioned, almost in every bar or restaurant gays are warmly welcomed. There are also many gay bars and very nice gay parties almost every weekend. The clubs and parties on the weekend are very diverse.


The historical part of Vienna is beautiful. Take your time and stroll through the small alleys of the 1st district or the romantic Spittelberg. Visit one of the many old traditional cafes where a lot of the Viennese meet each other for an afterwork drink. In summer the areas along the river Donaukanal, the Naschmarkt as well as the Museums Quartier are very popular.

Gay vienna, Gay travel vienna, Vienna gay guide
The narrow alleys in the 1st District of Vienna
Gay vienna, Gay travel vienna, Vienna gay guide
Belvedere Palace at night


During summer, there are a lot of music festivals in the city. If you like it classical, there is the Sommernachts concert in front of the castle Schönbrunn. In July the Pop-Festival presents Austrian pop music in the heart of Vienna. The biggest music festival in the world took place on the 13 mile long island at the danube river. Approximately three million people visit the Donauinselfest which lasts for three days and you can find all kind of music. All these festivals are for free.


Me and my friends join the Vienna gay pride every year. First of all it’s important to show the world, that we are a lgbt-friendly city, where everybody has (almost) the same rights. But the gay pride is also a great colorful party with good music in the city center of Vienna. Hundreds of thousands of people are having fun and celebrating together. And 2019 will be gorgeous, Vienna will be the host city of the Europride!


Wine lovers will find some of the best wines in the world. It’s great fun to combine the wine shopping with a tasting. Because you should not buy a pig in a poke. You can do this in the suburbs of Vienna, where you can find a lot of vineyards and wine taverns or go to the wine bars in the city Wein&Co.


From Vienna you can go by car (about 1 hour), boat or train to Wachau. The fairytale region Wachau is a world heritage. Along the Danube River you find a lot of small historical places, castle ruins, abbey churches, vineyards and breathtaking landscapes. The vineyards along the steep hillsides are one of the best worldwide. Even the culinary in this area is exceptional. Enjoy yourself in one of the numerous wine taverns or gourmet restaurants. This area is perfect for a day trip.

Gay vienna, Gay travel vienna, Vienna gay guide
The Melk Abbey overlooking the Danube River in the Wachau Valley

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