We don’t even think about it, but we spend hours and hours planning our trips. Although we love to be free spirits and go to with the flow, planning is always necessary and we know what it takes to put together a fun-filled itinerary. We’ve learned an important lesson that changed the way we travel – locals with similar interest have the most reliable source of information and can save you a lot of time.  Thinking of that we interviewed Angel and Jose. They live in NYC and besides being the cutest couple, they also are world travelers and inspire us everyday sharing their adventures around the world.

Together we travel, learn, and want to share all of our experiences as a married couple with the rest of the world.

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Here is what they have to say:


In our opinion, there are a couple of gay-friendly places for members of the LGBTQ community.  Below is a list of our top 3 and why.

1. West Village 

The West Village has a lot to offer to the LGBTQ community.  It is also the heart of gay mecca with its fashionable crowds, stylish boutiques, and trendy restaurants.  It is also located near the pier where you can watch the NYC sunset.  The West Village is also home to Stonewall Inn, the gay bar and national historic landmark that launched the gay rights movement in 1969.

2. Hell’s Kitchen 

What is not to love about Hell’s Kitchen?  It is near the theater district bringing in many actors, celebrities, and is also known for its lively gay culture.  You will find a variety of restaurants between 8th and 9th avenue in addition to many gay bars that attracts tourists from all over the world.  Hell’s Kitchen is also known for its gay club scene, where you can’t go wrong with any of the bars/clubs you choose to party it up.  This is a must when visiting NYC.

3. Astoria, Queens 

If you’re looking to escape Manhattan for something a little more laid back, then Astoria, Queens is your spot.  Astoria is relaxed, diverse, and also known for its many multicultural restaurants.  Astoria, Queens is a couple train rides away depending on where you are in the city, but you won’t regret it.  Astoria Boulevard particularly has many different restaurants and is also close to Astoria park.  People are very friendly in this community and you’ll see many walks of life.  If you decide to go to Astoria, go to little Brazil, the strip has several Brazilian restaurants to choose from as well as Greek.

Note: We did not include Times Square because its where everybody goes when traveling to NYC.  It’s a must with all of its tall buildings, big lights, museums, nightlife, shopping stores, there’s just A LOT going on here- LOL!

things to do in nyc, what to do in nyc, gay clubs nyc, gay bars in nyc
Times Square at night


Everyone loves pizza when traveling to NYC.  Jose and I are vegans, but we will provide you with restaurants we enjoy. 

1. Cuba, Thompson St, West Village

Latin cuisine and friendly customer service

2.Seasoned Vegan, Harlem, NY

Organic & Vegan only (A favorite of ours.  We like their lemon crusted nuggets and Beyond burgers)

3. Hakkasan, Mid-town (Next to Broadway)

Chinese cuisine (This place is also very intimate)

4. Arriba, Arriba, Hell’s Kitchen

Mexican cuisine (Delicious food and margaritas)  Located in the heart of HK

5. Sea, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thai (Sea is one of the many trendy spots in Williamsburg.  This is also an area to visit, especially if you guys enjoy brunch)

6. PS Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen


Delicious vegan food (Must try the Beyond burger), romantic setting


Gay people are everywhere in NYC!  The city wouldn’t be NYC without it’s gay culture.  Below is a list of our favorite bars/clubs.

Boxers, Bar in Hell’s Kitchen – 2 floors, hot guys, hot bartenders, good food.  What’s not to enjoy?

The Ritz, Club in Hell’s Kitchen – 2 floors, good music, and close to all of the restaurants.

Club Evolution, Roosevelt Queens – Club with a lot of sexy Latinos, good music, and worth checking out if you’re in Queens.

Barracuda Lounge, Chelsea, NY – Located in Chelsea (The old Hell’s Kitchen) Barracuda is cozy and known for its drag shows.  

Industry, Hell’s Kitchen – One of our favorites.  It’s spacious, a lot of hot guys, good music, and chill vibes all around.  It’s a must!

The Eagle, Chelsea, NY – Leather bar with sexy daddies.

The Cock,  East Village – The name says it all in this bar that has no lights.


We are going to list our top 10 things to do in NYC in no particular order.

Central Park

It’s a beautiful landmark of NYC and there is a lot to do such as skating, running, bird watching, picnics, live performances, etc.  It’s pretty romantic and is a must when visiting NYC.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rich history, art, and culture all around.  We like the ancient Egyptian, Greek, and renaissance art.

Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty

Rich history on the immigration experience 

Times Square

Restaurants, Museums such as Madame Tussauds, theaters, big lights, tall building, this should be number one.  Its super crowded as there is something to do 24/7.

Top of the Rock

Located at the heart of the Rockefeller Center.  Experience breathtaking views of the city and take a lot of pictures.

The Sex Museum

The name is self-explanatory ; )

Lucky Strike Bowling 

Who doesn’t like to bowl?  Let us know and maybe a double date? 

Helicopter Ride around the city

See NYC while riding a helicopter.  Super fun!

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a must.  Be ready for the many tourists walking the bridge and the delicious brunch spots waiting for you on the other side.

things to do in nyc, what to do in nyc, gay clubs nyc, gay bars in nyc
Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State Building

Go on top of the Empire State Building, kiss, and take a picture.  This calls for a romantic date.

NYC is overall gay friendly.  It wouldn’t be NYC without its gay culture, however, as any place where you are traveling, be aware of your surroundings.  NYC is home to a lot of people, very crowded, and aside from all it has to offer, be aware of who is around you and what their intentions are.  Generally it is safe, but be mindful of taking the train and heading the wrong direction.  It could be easy to get lost if you don’t know your directions when underground.  Not to worry, there is usually someone around to help you get back to your destination.

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