People always come to us asking how was your wedding reception?  Where was it?  How many people were there?  I find this funny because it never comes to my mind to ask couples this question about their wedding party. That’s probably because we both decided to skip ours not having to think much about it. Most people envision this as the most important day of their lives and I think it should be. This is the day we want to remember with a smile on our faces forever, but honestly, organizing a wedding party sounded really stressful and neither of us wanted to take on that role. Also after putting all the numbers together, we realized that to throw a party the way we wanted, having at least a hundred of our closest friends and family would cost enough money to take us on a world tour, so guess what we decided to do?

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Instead of throwing a big party we decided to spend that money traveling and it ended up becoming a lifestyle for us. Let’s face it, we are the type of guys that like to plan travel itineraries, not weddings. It was a no brainer! We called the aficionado that came to our place and married us a day before we were supposed to on the rooftop of our building. The aficionado was supposed to marry us on Friday, but we were anxious to get to the mountains to play, so we asked for one day earlier to be wed, only hours prior, and our aficionado agreed. We had one little cute guest, our little baby dog Bingo and that was it. It was really romantic getting married in a more intimate environment on the rooftop having Downtown Los Angeles as our background view as we read our hand written vows to one another. After that, we literally traveled the whole world, which probably must have been one of the longest honeymoons of all times. We have been together in more than 20 countries – still counting – and we realized that we love honeymoons way more than we love wedding parties. Traveling became a way to live our lives and it fit us like a glove. With both of us having the flexibility to work remotely and also being super passionate about diving into new cultures and meeting interesting people all over the world, we really didn’t have to think about it much.

never ending honeymoon

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