Italy is one of our favorite places to travel and I guess having a sun flower field on the backyard made our experience even more especial.

When we decided to spend two months traveling around Europe, we realized that it would be fun to be based in a central location where we could easily explore the nearby cities. We both had the desire to spend some time traveling in Italy so finding a central location there was very important for us. After some research and talking to a couple of friends that live in Bologna we realized that it would be a good idea to be based there. Besides the fact that Bologna is right in the middle of Italy and it’s less than an hour by train from Tuscany, the city is known for being one of Italy’s greatest cities for eating.  We definitely wanted to eat pasta everyday while in Italy.  We both agreed that we we wanted to be close to Tuscany, but also we wanted to explore other parts of Italy and other countries so we decided to be based in this little town called Sasso Marconi would be a good call. Why? Because we had the opportunity to have a sunflower field across the street from the place we were staying. How amazing is that? Just a few minutes by train from Bologna this little cute town with about 14,000 inhabitants is surrounded by sunflower fields and it has the most fresh food you have ever tried.

Travel to Italy
It’s hard to believe we had a sunflower field next to the place we were staying in in Italy.
This river was also next to our house.

People there are very welcoming.  Most of them don’t speak English, which was a great opportunity to practice my little Italian. We forgot how good is the feeling of living in a little town when you see most of your neighbors daily, the owner of the coffee shop, the girls from the flower shop, the pizzeria staff.  After a while we literally felt like we were home. Living in that small town for a little bit was an once in a lifetime experience that we will never forget.


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