If we could choose the most memorable experience in Bali I think the sunrise Mount Batur hike would be one of those experiences. Mount Batur hike or Gunung Batur is an active volcano located about an hour from the village Ubud and was one of our favorite things to do in the island.

If you are leaving from Ubud your tour guide should pick you up around 1:30am – 2:00 am so by the time you arrive on the top of the volcano you can catch the sunrise, which is what this experience is all about. So make sure to leave on time from wherever you are in the island so you don’t miss the prime time at the top. Also, it is important to mention that you are hiking to the top of a volcano that is 5,633 feet above sea level, so it requires a lot of energy to get to the top. If you are not used to doing cardio you probably will need to make some stops along the way to catch your breath. I had to stop a few times during the hike, especially because I was carrying my bag with my drone, camera, extra lens and tripod which added an extra few pounds that made the hike way harder to me. I don’t regret taking my equipment with me becauses the views are breathtaking and it was worthy every single drop of sweat. So managing the weight you are carrying on you is key to making this steepy hike much easier.

Other than that, you should prepare as you would for any other hike, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and a light hoodie. Having some water, snacks and candy will also give you an extra boost of energy and we found very helpful.  You may want to share a kiss at the top as well. It’s romantic and magical up there.

Last but not least, having a tour guide is very important and safer. Remember you are hiking on an active volcano, this is not like a regular hike and there are some risks that you can minimize by having an experienced guide.  

We hope you enjoyed our Mount Batur Hike Bali Guide.  🙂



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