Without a doubt, India is one of the most exotic countries we have ever visited. The most attractive thing about India lies in its inherent exoticism, a place unlike any other on the globe. As first-time travelers to India, we embarked on a journey of learning and discovery. We quickly realized that escaping the bustling and crowded streets was futile. Embracing the chaos became a prerequisite, as we learned to navigate through streets teeming with cars, cows, monkeys, and everything in between. It may initially seem overwhelming, but rest assured, beyond the chaos of the streets lies a spiritual haven. Ancient traditions and beliefs are intricately woven into the fabric of daily life. As privileged visitors, we had the opportunity to witness this timeless treasure, an experience that will forever resonate within us. But to enjoy the best that India has to offer, it is important to be aware of some fundamental aspects before your journey. We have compiled a list of essential insights that will help you navigate India with confidence and make the most of your adventure.


It can be a lot if this is your first time in India, but once you learn a few things life gets less complicated.   So we highlighted here some India travel tips that we considered the most important based on our experience. 


1 -Pay fair prices

No matter what price you are willing to pay, when shopping on the streets always negotiate. Let’s say you want to buy yoga pants, the price is 1000 Indian Rupiahs. You can start offering 500. The person will say it can make for 900. Then you say you saw the same yoga pants for half the price. The person selling will argue, then you just say you will buy somewhere else, you turn your back and leave the store, then the person will offer you 600 as you are leaving. That’s the way we found to pay fair prices.

2- Don’t get sick

There are a few things you can do to avoid getting sick. You should never drink tap water. Always bottled water and make sure it has a sealed cap. Also don’t brush your teeth with tap water or have drinks with ice. We also avoided fruits or anything that was not cooked. Following these tips saved us from getting sick during our trip. We always hear a lot about people getting sick, some even say it’s a matter of time until you get sick. We survived India feeling healthy and with energy the whole time. Also we both love Indian food and we tried everything we wanted since it was cooked.

3- There are people begging for money everywhere

 It’s a very sad thing to see but unfortunately giving money will just attract more and more people and you won’t change the world by doing that. Always go with your gut, I like to give people food, I feel much better than giving them money.

4- Watch your stuff

Pocket picking can happen so avoid having phone or wallet in the back pocket of your pants or anywhere visible that could be taken away from you without you noticing.

5- Find fixed price taxi desk in airports

When in the airport looking for transportation always pre pay your ride. Find fixed price taxi desk so you don’t get overcharged looking for drivers outside. Also if you are on the streets looking for transportation make sure you agree with the price before getting in a Tuk Tuk or taxi. Also some cities in India have Uber, so always consider that option when available.

6- Keep your hands clean

Hand sanitizer is your best friend in India. Trust me, you will wish to have on you so buy a small bottle that you can carry on you all the time. It can get pretty dirty and you will wish to have your hands clean.

7- Read restaurant reviews

Know where you are going. Some places we’ve been in India are not exactly the places where you can just go on a walk and randomly find a nice restaurant. Do your own research before leaving the hotel, make sure the place you are going has good reviews.

8- Immerse yourself into the culture

Get lost on the streets. I love photographing people and India probably is the best place in the world to do that. If you like to take portraits aswell India is the right place to do that. Talk to locals, shake hands and immerse yourself into the culture. Always be sensitive and ask  people if they mind being photographed, not everyone will feel comfortable and that could be a little invasive. This was one of the most fun things we did in India.

travel india, india travel tips, india travel guide 9- Always have change on you

Always have change on you, it will make life easier for you in India. Also when buying something don’t forget to count the change.

10- Hold hands to cross the street

Even the boys hold each other hands, it’s very common in India to see friends holding hands not only to cross the street but also walking on the streets,  which we found very convenient. Not all the countries we go we can hold hands without having an audience so that was really cool!

11- Get your e-visa in advance, not upon arrival

Last but not less important, you need a visa even if you are going to India for just a few days. As we were planning our trip we realized that there are inaccurate information saying you can get your e-visa upon arrival under certain circumstances which can be a little tricky and could screw your vacation. So make sure you apply for an e-visa in time before your trip. You can get you E-visa at the  official page here.


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