People we have met



Happy is a gay local that lives in Brunei, he was born and raised there and shared with us how the situation is since the country  adopted a new penal code allowing stoning punishment for gay sex and adultery. He agreed to give us an interview if we kept his identity anonymous for his safety.  We chose the name Happy because although he is living in what we would consider a suppressed society, to us he came across very Happy.   You can’t say anything negative about this country or about its government or “sovereignty”.Just to put your voice out there you have to be smart about the way you say things because it can sound like you are against the government. It’s a tabu and possibly even illegal to criticize the government. It’s not normal what is happening and Happy is very aware of the situation. But there are…

Visit to the Kingdom of the Crown Prince Manvendra Singh gohil of Rajpipla

Prince Manvendra, the man who made history as the first gay prince in India to declare publicly being gay, took some of his time in between his busy agenda fighting for human rights to take us on a journey to show us where he came from.  During our private tour, we saw the roots of his Royal Family in the Kingdom of Rajpipla as we learned about history and culture of India. His trajectory as an activist for human rights started in 2006 when he came out as being gay on Oprah, when then his mom, the Queen, wrote a letter on the newspaper disowning him. Prince Manvendra knew that he could be part of a big change in India. The human rights of the LGBTQ community that have been denied for so many that are deprived of sexual genre identity in India have now become his personal mission. The…